The London Leather Workshop welcome everyone to hire its industrial and domestic sewing machines, tools and some workspace inside the studio.
We are a team of two who, besides working on their personal projects, are happy to share their beloved studio’s facilities as well as making their skill set available for anyone in need.
Our studio, measuring about 30 sqm, is an intimate space where you can focus on your own work without any distraction. In fact, we only allow one visitor at a time (or max 3 people if you work in a team) and you would only be sharing the space with the two of us.
We welcome everyone from beginners to experts in sewing and we are happy to give you an induction and  brief assistance with the machines.
Having experience in leather goods, handbag and garment production and sampling, fashion drawing and illustrating, as well as fashion and accessory design and consultancy, we are able to help you with different aspects at varying stages of your project
To know more about what we offer, please visit Our Services page.
If you are a student looking to do some practice, a teacher looking for an equipped space or a business owner looking to hire a specific machine to fulfil your orders or create your samples, you are welcome to use some space or machines in our workshop.
Tea, coffee and biscuits are always available.


AVAILABILITY: Our workshop space and equipment hiring service works on a pay as you go basis, without any subscription or extra fees and is available from a minimum of just three hours.
Machines and space are available to rent on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and during the weekends. The workshop is also available for bookings in the evenings from 7am to 10pm.
LOCATION: Located close to North Greenwich station (Jubilee line, zone 2), the workshop has 5 different industrial and domestic sewing machines enabling you to sew materials from light silk to thick leather and is equipped with cutting, skiving, painting and finishing tools. Please find the complete equipment list below on this page.
SPACE & EQUIPMENT: The space is provided with a large cutting table and a selection of about 200 different leather skins, that can be purchased at a discounted price when renting our facilities (5% off all full priced leather).



Students will receive 5% off the workshop space and machine hire cost, this discount can be combined with any other student promotion.
Students will be requested to prove their current or recent subscription to a relative topical course (within 3 months from the end of the course).
When students are following a course at one of the schools that are partners with us, a further 5% discount will be applied. If you are not sure if your school/teaching institution is collaborating with us, ask your teacher and, if not, just ask them to contact us and we will immediately include their institution to our lists for free.
We require everyone hiring our machines to at least have a basic understanding of how to use them. At the start of the session we will provide you an induction on how to use them but then you will have to be independent while practising/working.
We welcome beginners that have never used a sewing machine before but, in such cases, we ask you to inform us prior booking so that we can arrange a one-to-one training session.
If you need further assistance from us or you have a project that you need help to realise, please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements together and find the best way to help you.



If you are a craft teacher interested in collaborating with us, we are happy to share our space, equipment and skill-set.
Please visit our Our Services page to know what expertise we have that could support your class.
If you are just looking for an equipped space to organise your class you are also very welcome. We can allow up to 4 students in our workshop due to the space and tools available.
Rental prices start from as little as £13.00/hour, including the full and exclusive use of both the cutting table and all our equipment. As specified above on this page, the two of us will be around and happy to help anytime.
We will do our best to accommodate projects that need specific requirements, but please specify your needs before booking.
Any teacher-led course will be advertised on the Courses page for free.
Our available daily durations for booking courses are 4, 6 or 8 hours.
To request the detailed price list, please contact us at


– 1x cylinder arm, walking foot industrial sewing machine, ideal for thick leather.
– 1x walking foot industrial sewing machine with adjustable speed motor, ideal for thicker fabrics and leather.
– 1x needle feed, flatbed industrial sewing machine, perfect for lightweight fabric.
– 1x needle feed, flatbed industrial sewing machine, perfect for light and medium weight fabric.
– 1x domestic sewing machine with 30 different stitching styles, including buttonholes and decorative stitching.
Each industrial machine is provided with a standard foot as well as right and left zip feet. The domestic sewing machine is provided with zipper, blindhem and satin stitch feet.
When renting our machines our sewing tools (pins, needles, tailor’s chalk, tracing wheel, tape measure, seam ripper, scissors), as well as the iron and iron board, are included in the hourly fee. Please bring your threads with you.


– Cutting tools: embroidery scissors, leather scissors, knives.
– Skiving tools: skiving knives, manual skiving machine.
– Large cutting table (size) and cutting mats.
– Set square, rulers and metal rulers.
– Printer/scanner/copying machine (up to 20 copies).
– Leather hole punch.
– Leather hammer.
* Tools and equipment available and included in the price when hiring the workshop but not when only renting one or more of our sewing machines.


– Free parking right in front of our studio building.
– Shared kitchen and dining room with microwave and kettle.
– 3 cafes on site.
– Workshop and machines available to rent every day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and during the weekends. Evening bookings possible upon request.


– Leather glue.
– Leather edge finishings (black and transparent).
– Pattern paper and pattern cardboard.
– Large selection of leather and leather offcuts, click here to see some of our availability or visit our Offers & Discounts page.
*This equipment is not included as standard when renting any of our facilities, but can be purchased for an additional small fee. Please contact us when booking in order for us to reserve the equipment you need.


You can book your session at our studio by calling, texting or emailing us, providing your full name, email and phone number with details of what you would like to hire and when.
If you are a teacher booking to organise a class in our workshop, please provide us information about your class and the tools you will need to use when contacting us.
When booking our facilities for 5 or more hours, we require a non refundable 30% deposit paid by bank transfer or by cash/card at our studio, in order to secure the booking. The deposit payment is required to be made within 48hr of receiving confirmation of the booking and the balance paid on the day of the booking upon arrival.
We usually only rent our equipment to one person at a time but if you are working on a joint project then up to 3 people will be permitted, each additional person on the booking will incur a 50% charge of the total price of the booking.
We strongly advise you to carefully read all the information on this page in order to have a clear understanding of our terms, thank you!

Sewing machines rental price list

1X MACHINE£22£27£32£36£39£42£38 per day£35 per day£32 per day
1X SEWING MACHINE + EQUIPMENT & TOOLS£30£37£44£50£54£57£53 per day£48 per day£44 per day
2X SEWING MACHINES£27£34£40£45£49£52£48 per day£44 per day£40 per day
2X SEWING MACHINES + EQUIPMENT & TOOLS£35£44£52£59£64£68£62 per day£57 per day£52
3X SEWING MACHINES£32£41£48£54£59£62£58 per day£53 per day£48
3X SEWING MACHINES + EQUIPMENT & TOOLS£41£51£60£68£74£78£72 per day£66£60
£38£48£56£63£69£73£67 per day£62£56
4X SEWING MACHINES + EQUIPMENT & TOOLS£46£58£68£77£83£88£82 per day£75£68
Please note that, if late, you will be charged the full amount you have booked our facilities for.
In addition to the price shown above, if any part of a booking is made for after 7pm in the evening a £10 charge will be added to the price of the booking.