The London Leather Workshop payment methods include cash, online bank transfer as well as any credit or debit card that displays a Visa, VPay, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express logo.
Card payments can be made on site at the company workshop.



The London Leather Workshop accepts returns of leather within 7 days of purchase. Delivery costs and delivery arrangements for returns will be the responsibility of the customer and therefore we highly recommend using a tracked and reliable delivery service.
It is a requirement that any returns to be presented in the same condition as they were at the time of purchasing and to be packaged with the original packaging.



We require you to not disclose any quotes you are given, as well as any of the information we provide, with anyone else but yourself and the people who work for/with you.
We will not share any of the design material and information provided by you to us with third parties at any time, unless requested by you for purposes related to your interest.





We are a small team and usually prefer to work on multiple small orders rather than commit to big productions.
Depending on the project, we can also choose to take medium size orders (up to 1000 pieces) by employing external help or by spreading the order over a longer period of time.
We work on a first come first basis, defined by the deposit payment.



We require a deposit of 50% of the total price of any service to be paid upfront in order for us to commit to any work. This can be paid directly at our studio (card or cash) or online by bank transfer (within 48 hours from receipt of invoice).
The remaining payment is due before collection of the work via bank transfer (please bear in mind that it can take a few days for the transfer to reach our account) or at our studio by card or cash.



We don’t start any work before having received the deposit.
We don’t deliver any work before having received the balance.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we do not start any work until we have received all materials (including metal fittings) and all instructions as splitting the work into different stages might prolong the time calculated for realising it.
If the deposit is not received within 48 hours from receipt of the invoice, we will assume the work is not intended to be carried out. In these unfortunate circumstances, we will remove the planned dedicated time from our diary without notice.



We are firmly of the belief that only a consistently high standard of service to all our clients can secure a prosperous future for us all.
To achieve this objective, we ensure an open and honest communication to every customer and work on each project with care and attention to all details.
Please remember that we are a small artisan workshop and, as every item is handmade, small imperfections can happen and production items can slightly differ from each other.
We do not mass produce and therefore, whilst this gives us the opportunity to pay high attention to detail, we cannot guarantee the standardised quality of the mass production industry.



Depending on the quantity and complexity of the product(s), lead times can vary.
We are usually able to start production within 4 to 6 weeks and prototyping withing 2 to 4 weeks from the payment of the deposit if we have received all materials within the agreed time frame.



We are not responsible for any delays with the delivery of the materials and with any consequent missing of a deadline due to this reason. In this scenario, we cannot ensure that we will be able to deliver the work within the agreed time as we might have been booked by another project.
In the case of materials being delivered late or any other customer led delay, and the completion of the project being delayed as a consequence, we will require the full balance to be paid regardless of when or if the job is finished.
We will endeavour to notify you within 72 hours of any delays in delivery on our part due to unforeseen circumstances.
In this unfortunate and rare event, we will accept no liability in customer costs due to this.
In order to avoid missing your deadlines, we suggest starting the process as soon as possible as unpredictable problems, such as delivery delays, can happen along the way.



Please remember that when committing to a project, we may have to decline other orders. Furthermore, in the case of production, we may have committed with freelancers that we will have to pay regardless of whether the work is happening or is cancelled.
For the reasons above, please see our cancellation terms:
All deposits are non refundable.
If the order is cancelled by the client less than 3 weeks before the agreed start date, we require the full remaining amount of the order to be paid.
Cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances by The London Leather Workshop will not result in penalty or compensation for the customer.
Eg 1. If we cancel the order within 1 month of the agreed start date, we will refund the full deposit and send materials back at our expense.
Eg 2. If we are not able to fulfil the order or part of the order then a refund for the proportion of the overall order value relating to those products will be repaid to the customer and materials sent back at our expense.



Customers can arrange collection at their own expenses or collect in person at our studio.
If there are any issues with the work undertaken then please raise a query with us within 7 days of receiving the goods and we will look into your query. Any query issued after 7 days won’t be taken into consideration.



We are not responsible for the design or materials used and there would be no path for recourse for faults in these things. For example if the design were faulty or the product harmful or damaging to others or other objects, then this fault would not lie with us as it would be due to the design or materials supplied to us being damaging or not fit for purpose.



All Goods are subject to UK law.



The London Leather Workshop uses information in accordance with GDPR regulation.



During the production, we might want to take some pictures of the process and the final product(s) for promotional use on our website and social media channels. In this case we will ask your permission prior to their publication.
You may revoke this consent at any time in writing.
The revocation will not affect any action taken before the receipt of the written notification.



According to the project features, we might need to create a mock-up, an initial sample and a final prototype.
Simpler projects can go straight into prototyping.
Meetings are organised to review the work after both the mock-up and the initial sample.
The price quoted includes minor alterations to the mock-up and the pattern but for major alterations, an extra charge might apply and it would be calculated by the hours that the amendments would take. An estimate of this cost is given before starting the work and it is carried out only after the customer approval.
Materials and fittings are not included in our quote.
Once all the materials are received and all the details discussed, we usually deliver the sample(s) in 2-4 weeks dependent upon our workload at the time. A precise date for the completion of the work will be given once we have all the information about the project and we agree on all terms.




A final quote for production can only be given once we have clarified all aspects of the sample(s).
Please bear in mind that the given quote can only be finalised once the prototype(s) is/are approved, as you may desire/need amendments to occur during construction which may alter the production cost.
To ensure our availability for production after the prototyping process, we require a deposit between 30% and 50% depending on the details of the job.
We work on a first come first basis and after the delivery of the prototypes, if you haven’t paid the production deposit in advance, our availability would depend upon our workload at the time.
Medium orders are usually delivered in batches and the payment will also be divided into instalments before delivery of each batch.
The number of batches and products for each batch depends on the quantity and complexity of the products.
For clarity, here is an example:
Total order of 200 pieces at £10 each, total order £2000.
£600 (30%) to be paid up front.
If in each week, a batch of 20 pieces is produced then £200 is paid each week when the goods are delivered.
Once the full order value is paid (£2000) no further payments need to be made for the remaining work.
Depending on the quantity and complexity of the product(s), lead times can vary, although we are usually able to start production within 4 to 6 weeks. A precise timing of the completion of the work will be given once we have a date on when all materials would be delivered to us and after the payment of the deposit is made.



We don’t start any work before having received the deposit.
We don’t deliver any work before having received the balance.
If the deposit is not received within the 48 hour payment term, we will assume the work is not intended to be carried out. In these unfortunate circumstances, we will remove the planned dedicated time from our diary.