IN GENERAL – overview of the services

We are a small team and usually prefer to work on multiple small orders rather than commit to big productions.
Depending on the project, we can also choose to take medium size orders (up to 1000 pieces) by employing external help or by spreading the order over a longer period of time.
We work on a first come first basis, defined by the deposit payment.




We charge £20 per hour for any of our services.
The final price for either a prototyping, designing or producing a project depends on the number of hours necessary to realise it.
Production becomes proportionally cheaper when ordering larger amounts.




Once agreement on lead time, quantities and price is reached we require a deposit of 30% or 50% depending on the job. It can be paid directly at the workshop (card or cash) or via bank transfer within 48 hours from receipt of the invoice.
If your project includes both the prototype and the production starting immediately after, the deposit is required for both. This is because we need to make sure we will be available when starting the production and we might have to decline taking on other projects. Basically, we work on a first comes first basis, defined by the payment of the deposit.
If you prefer not to pay for the production deposit in advance, then we won’t be able to confirm to you that we will be available when needed, but we will, of course, do our best to assist you when the time comes.
Once the project is finished, the remaining payment is due before delivery of the work.




We don’t start any work before having received the deposit.
We don’t deliver any work before having received the balance.
If the deposit is not received within the 48 hour payment term, we will assume the work is not intended to be carried out. In this unfortunate circumstances, we will remove the planned dedicated time from our diary.





According to the project features, we might need to create a mock-up, an initial sample and a final prototype.
Simpler projects can go straight into prototyping.
Meetings are organised to review the work after both the mock-up and the initial sample.

What does the quote include:

The price quoted includes minor alterations to the mock-up and the pattern but for major alterations, an extra charge might apply and it would be calculated by the hours that the amendments would take. An estimate of this cost is given before starting the work and it is carried out only after the customer approval.
Materials and fittings are not included in our quote.

Lead time:

Once all the materials are received and all the details discussed, we usually deliver the sample(s) in 2-4 weeks dependent upon our workload at the time. A precise date for the completion of the work will be given once we have all the information about the project and we agree on all terms.




A quote for production can only be given once we have clarified all aspects of the sample(s).
Please bear in mind that the given quote can only be finalised once the prototype(s) is/are approved, as you may desire/need amendments to occur during construction which may alter the production cost.
To ensure our availability for production after the prototyping process, we require a 30% or 50% deposit payment depending on the job.
We work on a first come first basis and after the delivery of the prototypes, if you haven’t paid the production deposit in advance, our availability would depend upon our workload at the time.
Medium orders are usually delivered in batches and the payment will also be divided into instalments before delivery of each batch.
The number of batches and products for each batch depends on the quantity and complexity of the products.
For clarity, here is an example:
Total order of 200 pieces at £10 each, total order £2000.
£600 (30%) to be paid up front.
If in each week, a batch of 20 pieces is produced then £200 is paid each week when the goods are delivered.
Once the full order value is paid (£2000) no further payments need to be made for the remaining work.




The work can be either sent to you (customers pay the delivery costs and organise the courier) or you can collect it at our studio.
If there are any issues with the work undertaken then please raise a query with us within 7 days of receiving the goods and we will look into your query.




For a production of over 100 pieces of the same style, we will apply a 20% discount for each piece.
For a production of 51-100 pieces of the same style, we will apply a 10% discount for each piece.
For a production of 11-50 pieces of the same style, we will apply a 5% discount for each piece.
The discount refers to items which are of the same style, material, colours and size.




When committing to a project, we may have to decline other orders.
In light of this, we do not provide any refunds if the customer withdraws after any payment has been received.
If we are not able to fulfil the order or part of the order then a refund for the proportion of the overall order value relating to those products will be made available to the customer.




We are not responsible for any delays with the delivery of the materials and with any consequent missing of a deadline due to this reason.
In this unlikely scenario, we can’t ensure that we will be able to work on the project over the agreed time as we might have been booked by another project.
In this scenario the paid deposit is non refundable.




We require you to not disclose any quotes you are given, as well as any of the information we provide, with anyone else but yourself and the people who work for/with you.