We are a small team of designers and makers offering bespoke designing, production and consultancy services for craft-based businesses, designers and students, at fair and reasonable prices.

Please find below the list of the services we offer:


Handbags, accessories and soft furnishings:

  • Design and design consultancy
  • Technical drawings
  • Pattern making
  • Prototype realisation
  • Mock ups
  • Small production
  • Custom appliqué design and realisation



  • Design and design consultancy
  • Sketching
  • Fashion illustrations
  • Technical drawings
  • Pattern making
  • Sample making
  • Small production
  • Custom appliqué design and realisation



  • Fabric design
  • Silk painting


Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator services:

  • Logo design
  • Flyers and posters design


Classes and one-to-one tuition:

  • Handbag and accessory pattern making
  • Handbag and accessory making: from the design to the prototype
  • Machining: learning how to use domestic and industrial sewing machines
  • Leather sewing techniques and machines
  • Fashion: from the sketch to the illustration
  • Silk painting
  • Leather appliqué: from the design to the realisation


We are a small passionate and experienced team of two qualified artisans, dedicated to handmade goods. We are happy to assist you with the production of your items but we only work with small to medium quantities.
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Prices for our services are reasonable and we try our best to accommodate a student’s budget as we want to encourage creativity and practical skills. We can both work on an hourly rate or on a project basis. The same principle applies to the one-to-one courses, where we can customise the program according to what you want to learn.
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Our prices depend on the project and vary between £22 and £28 per hour. We can offer a bespoke service in line with your needs and we can either charge by the hour or create a customised quote based on your requirements.
To know how we can help you or to have a quote, please contact us at info@thelondonleatherworkshop.com, thank you!