The London Leather Workshop supports and promotes students, skilled artisans, manufacturers and craft-based businesses using leather, either in the UK or abroad. Discounts, offers and collaborations are always available, check them out down below on this page!



All our students receive a 10% discount on leather and a 5% discount on tools purchased in the shop on the day of the class.
Students that are studying a relative topical course are entitled to receive 5% off our leather, except on products that have already been discounted.
If your institution is collaborating with The London Leather Workshop then all students currently studying design of leather goods, or following a course in leather craft, are entitled to a 10% discount on every product, except goods that have already been reduced.
If you are not sure if your school is collaborating with us, ask your teacher and, if not, just ask them to contact us and we will immediately include their institution to our lists for free.
In order to be able to provide the service, you will be asked to prove your subscription to the course.


If you are a teacher or representative of a school/learning institution and you are looking for a leather supplier with diverse stock and competitive prices to assist with your student’s needs, The London Leather Workshop is what you are looking for. We are happy to offer your students, as well as your school, a 10% discount on all of our products, except for the ones that are already reduced. Just contact us and we will immediately include your institution to our lists for free.
We would also be pleased to provide your school with a sample catalogue of some of our leather, so that you would be able to show them to your students. Just contact us to arrange a suitable time for us to come and visit you to show you some examples of our stock.


Visit our shop clearance section to find a range of supplies at very low prices.