Overview of our services

– What services do you offer?
We provide bespoke pattern making, prototyping, designing and production services on garments, bags, accessories and soft furnishings.
– What is your minimum order for production?
Our minimum order for production is five pieces.
– Do you work with leather only?
We are experienced in working with soft/medium leather, all types of fabric and PVC.
We can also work with thick leather however we don’t hand sew leather, we use sewing machines and therefore only certain kinds of projects are possible.

Quotation of your project

– How do I discuss a sampling/production project?
Before starting a project we offer a one hour free consultation by appointment at our studio where we discuss all the details.
– Could I have a meeting with you to discuss my project out of working hours?
Yes! Through an appointment, we are available to meet our clients on weekday evenings and Sundays.
– How do I receive a bespoke quotation for prototyping?
By filling in our quotation form online (click here) or by arranging an appointment at our studio in order to discuss your project requirements.
– How do I receive a bespoke quotation for my production?
After having received the final quote for your prototype(s) we will be able to estimate the production costs.
Although we plan for this to be the final price, there is the small potential of the samples changing during the build.
In this scenario it is possible that the products become more complex/difficult so, please, consider the possibility of a small price variation.
Important to know: the final cost for production can be only given once the prototype is approved.
– How can I be sure that my project will be realised in the required time?
To ensure our commitment to the project we require a deposit to be paid at our studio or online via bank transfer within two working days of receiving the invoice.

Prototyping & Production

– What is included in the prototyping process? How does it work?
According to the project features, we might need to create a mock-up, an initial sample and a final prototype.
Some simpler projects can avoid going through the mock-up and sampling process and go straight to prototyping.
The price quoted includes minor alterations to the mock-up and the pattern but for major alterations an extra charge may apply and it would be calculated by the hours that the amendments would take. An estimate of this cost is given before starting the work and it is carried out only after customer approval.
Materials and fittings are not included in our quote.
– What is your lead time for prototyping?
Once all the materials are received and all the details discussed, we can have the sample(s) ready in 2-4 weeks but it depends upon our workload at the time.
If you have any strict deadlines, we are always happy to do our best to deliver in the shortest time possible.
– What is your capacity for production?
We are a small team and usually prefer to work on multiple small orders rather than commit to big productions.
Just to give you some ideas, we can produce up to 200 simple items per month.
Depending on the project, we can also choose to take medium size orders (up to 1000 pieces) by employing external help or by spreading the order over a longer period of time.
– Can you guarantee a continuity of production?
Yes, but our availability depends upon our workload at the time.
As much notice as possible would allow us to manage our availability and, if needed, employ some help for the workload.
Please remember that we can’t commit to any new order before the payment of a deposit.
– Can you assist me in providing materials for my project?
We don’t provide materials but we are able to advise you on the most suitable materials and suggest reliable suppliers.
You can purchase leather from our stock but please remember that we have limited stock and our leather can’t be re-ordered.
– What is your lead time for production?
This will depend upon our workload at the time, complexity of the project and the quantities required.
In general larger orders tend to be booked in advance whilst individual samples have quicker turnaround times.
We will provide you with an estimation of lead time early on in the project.
– Can I come for a review before the project is completed?
Of course! We are happy to arrange meetings during the development of the project.

Prices and payment terms

– How much do you charge?
Currently, we charge between £22 and £28 per hour for any of our services.
The final prices for either a prototyping, designing or production project depends on the number of hours required to realise it.
– -Do you offer any discounts for larger orders?
Yes, production becomes proportionally cheaper when ordering larger amounts.
– What are your payment terms?
– Deposit
We require a deposit of 50% of the total price of any service to be paid upfront in order for us to commit to any work. It can be paid directly at the workshop or via bank transfer within 48 hours from receipt of the invoice.
We cannot start working on any project prior receiving the deposit.
If the deposit is not paid 48 hours from receipt of the invoice we cannot guarantee the delivery time agreed or our commitment to the project.
In this unfortunate circumstances, we will remove the planned dedicated time from our diary.
– Balance
We don’t deliver any work before having received the balance due.
– Credit
Unfortunately, we do not offer credit facilities.
– How Do I pay?
You can pay via credit/debit card directly at our workshop or online via bank transfer.


– Do you do deliveries?
Small parcels can be shipped by us via Royal Mail and the shipping and delivery charges will be invoiced to you.
For larger parcels, you will have to arrange your own collection by coming to our studio or using a courier. Please contact us first to arrange the collection day/time.

Copyright & Confidentiality

– Who owns the copyright of the pattern if created by The London Leather Workshop?
We own the copyright of a pattern made by us but we are not allowed to use it for any other project or sell it to a third party.
If you want to purchase the pattern in the future you can buy the rights to the patterns created for you for a fee.
– Do you share the material I send to you with third parties?
We do not share any of your design material (sketches, technical drawings etc.) with third parties, neither we will use your pattern for any other project.
We will ask your authorisation to take pictures/videos while working on your project to use for promotional purposes and on our social media/website.