At our studio (map)


Anytime during our working hours (find out)


£210 – 7 hours
Materials £30


Beginners, beginners with some experience of sewing, intermediate


This is a seven one to one lesson during which you will realise your own unique, personalised, fully lined leather tote bag and get to take it home with you.
This is a one to one course during which you will be taught the basic skills of working with leather and learn how to use specific tools for splitting, cutting, finishing and fastening fittings.
The course has the aim of helping you gain confidence in sewing leather, understanding the major difference between various types of leather, working with tools and learning essential techniques to deal with tricky features of leather goods construction.
You will create your own pattern and be able to personalise your item by choosing among a range of stylish details, such as:
– Creating a surface design by using contrasting colours (optional)
– Choosing your closure type
– Choosing your tote bag shape
– Creating a painted detail with leather paint (optional)
– Adding a simple pocket
– Choosing your own handles/straps features
– Choosing your lining colour



– Leather preparation, cutting, marking and finishing techniques
– Understanding leather weight and features, choosing materials according to the specific look/feel you want to achieve
– Learning major characteristics of different types of industrial sewing machines and exercise on them
– To choose the right sewing machine for a specific type of material/project.
– To use various machine feet, tools and equipment in your sewing.
– To understand thread types and needle sizes.
– To sew practical stitches, troubleshoot problems and learn general maintenance of the sewing machine.
– To produce a range of seams and seam finishes.
– Adapting patterns and understanding tricks to customise them to your specifications.
– To start and complete your own, customised, leather tote bag!


For those whom might already have some experience of the above, you may also be able to learn some of the below topics:
– To sew and finish zips on leather.
– To sew a dart and use fusing.
– Different closure techniques, magnets, studs and pop buttons.
– Leather glues and finishing products.
– The use of reinforcements to back leather.
– Using leather stamps and knives.
– Learning how to cut and sew different types of straps and handles.


Depending on the nature of the feature of your own project, your previous experience and personal skills, you might not be able to learn all of the above.


On the day you will be provided with useful handouts to take home with you which contain:
– A list of tools and materials used during the lesson(s), including a description of what they are and how they are used
– A list of recommended suppliers for both leather and fittings (physically in London and online)
– A glossary containing essential key words related to the topic of the lesson
– A glossary containing information about leather types and characteristics


This course is suitable for people with some basic experience of machine sewing, intermediate and advanced sewers.
You should be able to use measurements and understand verbal and written English instructions.



Materials are not included but you can either purchase them from us or buy them from other suppliers.
If you prefer to bring you own, just let us know when booking and make sure the leather is not thicker than 1-1.2mm.
Our leather skins and offcuts are the cheapest in London but our stock is limited. Our leather is sourced from Italian brands’ end of production surplus and also from small Italian tanneries when they change their stock of leather skins. The stock is being continuously changed and therefore you will be choosing from colours, textures and types of leathers available at the studio. To have an idea of the leathers we can provide, please visit our dedicated page: https://www.thelondonleatherworkshop.com/leathers/
If you are looking for something in particular that we don’t stock, we will provide you with a list of suppliers to buy materials from and advice on what to buy for your specific project once you have purchased your lesson.


As this is private tuition, you can choose the day(s) and time(s) to come and learn from us that suits you best, within our working hours/days.
Available days:
Monday to Friday
Selected Saturdays and Sundays (please note that the availability for these days is limited and therefore the waiting time to book a slot for these days is generally longer)
Available time slots:
Morning slot
Day slot
Afternoon slot
Afternoon to evening slot
Our availability:
We are generally able to book you in for your sessions around a month from when you have contacted us after purchasing the course.
Of course we will always try to accommodate your needs and book you in the closest time possible, but we get fully booked quite quickly and therefore please make sure to contact us promptly to reserve your slot(s)!


In line with the UK Government guidelines and following the Covid Center instructions formulated to provide safety inside teaching practices, please find our coronavirus requirements in order to attend a class at our studio at the following link: https://www.thelondonleatherworkshop.com/covid-19-safety-measures/




Our classes are refundable and can be rearranged, provided 48 hours notice before the start date of the lesson(s) is given.
In case of cancellation, the payment will be sent back within 48 hours from when the cancellation has been provided in writing.
Please let us know as soon as possible if you can’t attend, thank you.
Cutting material is usually done standing at a high table and you might be working with special glues, knives and with heavy duty industrial sewing machines.
If you have a breathing problem, any health condition we should be aware of or if any of the above might be difficult for you, please inform us as soon as possible.
You will receive Health and Safety instructions for using the studio and its equipment and you will be asked to sign a risk and liability form at the end of the induction.
Sadly, our studio is on the first floor and we do not have wheelchair facilities. We are very sorry, unfortunately, this is not within our control or choice.
Wifi is not provided but there is a coffee shop with Wifi nearby.
Teas and coffees will be provided by us.
For 3+ hours long sessions we will have a 15 minutes break, for 6+ hours long sessions we will have a half hour lunch break.
There are two coffee shops and free parking spaces on site.
We run a variety of courses which are related to this topic and that would allow you to expand your knowledge. Please find the complete list of courses HERE.
We also provide the opportunity for people to practise on our sewing machines, tools and studio space.
We reserve a special discount for people who have previously been a student of ours. If you book any of our courses or our drop-in service within 6 months from the completion of a class, you will receive 10% off your next booking.
Our names are Sara and Melissa and we are the founders and owners of The London Leather Workshop.
With about 20 years of experience in sewing, designing and pattern making, we discovered our passion for teaching while training people during our working careers.
We have both studied fashion and costume in Italy, as well as worked for different small to medium size Italian brands on both designing and sampling positions, gaining a wide range of skills.
After the Italian years, we moved to London in 2011, where we had the possibility to learn different approaches to creativity and practical knowledge in the fashion and design world.
During our careers, we worked in the leather goods, accessories, textile, evening dresses and bridal high-end markets as designers, sample makers and product developers. We also gained experience in fashion, graphic design and illustration.
Our approach is personal, friendly and flexible and we support students and startups looking for a creative environment by offering multiple services at reasonable prices.
We are two passionate friends that love teaching others and hope to transmit our love for the arts and crafts!

In line with the UK Government guidelines and following the Covid Center instructions formulated to provide safety inside teaching practices, please find below the requirements in order to attend both private and group classes inside our studio:


Each person is required to provide us with proof of a negative rapid Covid test result before reaching our studio.

The test will need to be taken either the day before or on the same day of the class.

The test ID will need to be entered/scanned through the NHS Covid-19 app.

We will need to be in receipt of the email or a screenshot of confirmation of the result you receive from the NHS, please send this to us by email. This must be received by us AT LEAST TWO HOURS BEFORE THE LESSON IS DUE TO COMMENCE. Please make sure that your name, date of test and result is visible.


Useful links:

To download the NHS Covid-19 app: https://covid19.nhs.uk/

To order your free box of rapid tests online: https://test-for-coronavirus.service.gov.uk/order-lateral-flow-kits/condition

Our email address: learning@thelondonleatherworkshop.com


– Everyone is required to use hand sanitiser on arrival. If you are allergic, you will be requested to wash your hands or to bring your own antibacterial product for your hands.

– Everyone is required to use a medical face mask fully covering both nose and mouth at all times. We do not accept fabric masks or masks with filters/exhalations valves. Certified medical masks will also be made available by us on the day.

If you are exempt we will need to see proof of your exemption, sent to us via email before the lesson. In this case, and in order to avoid others from feeling uncomfortable and maintain safety, it would be appreciated if you could use a face shield instead of a mask.

Food and drinks will need to be consumed outside of the studio.

Windows will be left open to allow for air circulation, please make sure to be dressed accordingly in winter.


Useful links:

Certified medical face masks: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08BXFQNN9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_image?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Face shield for £1.99: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Transparent-Safety-Shield-Protection-Protective/dp/B08L9HY7LL/ref=sr_1_42?crid=E2TGRFMJSYQ&keywords=face+shield&qid=1641747214&sprefix=face+shield%2Caps%2C71&sr=8-42


In the case of your test result being positive, we will re arrange the tuition for you at the earliest convenience. In order to reschedule your lesson because of covid, we will need to see proof of the positive test.


We make every effort to provide the safest environment for our customers by:

Ensuring everyone attending the studio is tested for coronavirus beforehand.

Cleaning all surfaces before and after each lesson.

Allowing air circulation by always having the windows open.

Providing free hand sanitiser and medical masks inside the studio.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in prioritising everyone’s safety in this complex time.