Our names are Sara and Melissa and we are the founders and owners of The London Leather Workshop.
We have 15 years experience in sewing, designing and pattern making in both fashion and accessories.
We have both studied fashion and costume in Italy, as well as worked for different small to medium size Italian brands in both designing and sampling positions, gaining a wide range of skills.
After the Italian years, we moved to London in 2011, where we had the possibility to learn different approaches to creativity and practical knowledge in the fashion and design world.
During our careers, we worked in the leather goods, accessories, textile, evening dresses and bridal high-end markets as designers, sample makers and product developers. We also gained experience in fashion, graphic design and illustration.
Our approach is personal, friendly and flexible and we support students and startups looking for a creative environment by offering multiple services at reasonable prices.
The founders, Sara & Melissa


The London Leather Workshop is an artisan studio offering a wide range of products and services, such as leather supply, garment and accessory consultancy, sampling, manufacturing and learning opportunities.
We are a small team of makers and designers who, as well as working on their own products, are also happy to make their personal skill set available.
Through classes, one-to-one training and collaborations, we intend to promote learning, ideas and skill sharing, as well as providing services, tools and materials, such as leather, for a reasonable price.
The aim is to create a friendly environment and share our passion for creativity and practical skills, as well as helping other designers and makers to achieve their own goals.


The London Leather Workshop supplies light and medium weight genuine Italian leather skins and hides, offering high quality at competitive prices.
At the conception of our own design project, we struggled to source the kind of high quality, extravagant leather we required in the UK, so we started travelling to Italy and discovered the beauty of Italian leather and the immense variety of its finishings.
We decided to import some of the Italian leather manufacturing traditions to London, and now we have made it available to other designers by selling part of our stock.
Having experience in leather goods, handbag and garment production and sampling, fashion drawing and illustrating, as well as fashion and accessory design and consultancy, we are able to help you with different aspects at varying stages of your project.
To know more about what we offer, please visit our Our Services page.


Encouraging creativity is the foundation of our workshop.
How do we do it?
By offering free consultations.
By making our assistance affordable.
By always providing offers, discounts and sales.
By not requiring any minimum order on our leathers.
By requiring only 5 pieces to carry out production.
By providing students with discounts on both our products and services.


In particular, we want to support students by collaborating with schools and institutions in order to give the facility access to discounts on our products and services. To find out more, please visit our Offers & discounts page.
Alternatively, if you want to know more about how we can help you, just Contact us to book an appointment, thank you!


The London Leather Workshop started as a small project by two friends who were looking for a wider range of raw materials in order to realise their own range of products.
Having experienced struggle when studying and working in the industry, our dream is to provide assistance and possibility to students, teachers, designers and other businesses who are all on their own journey, by providing customised and dedicated services at fair and reasonable prices.
We love the idea of helping makers and we are very keen on creating a friendly and relaxed environment in our studio, where we can enjoy working and also sharing ideas and projects!