All of our leather is genuine and sustainable Italian leather hand selected during our travels to Italy.
The range of leather stock includes lambskin, nubuck, nappa, cowhide, pig suede and goat suede and can be used for many applications, such as handbags, soft furnishing, garments, interiors, small accessories, footwear, gloves, linings and costumes.
The current available leather stock is made up of about 100 different leather types, varying from 0.4 to 1.6 mm in thickness and have diverse types of finishing: laminated crust, suede, distressed, embossed, reptile print, glazed, glossy, metallic, natural, waxy and oiled.
As the leathers come from end of production surpluses, they range in size from whole skins to half skins and offcuts.
        The London Leather Shop doesn’t stock a large quantity of leather of the same type (maximum 10 skins of each type) but instead prefers to focus on the variety of styles and colours (about 100).
The level of stock varies during the year, therefore please do enquire when arranging your appointment, thank you!


The London Leather Workshop chooses to work with sustainable Italian leather and it sources its skins from prestigious Italian brands’ end of production surplus and also from small Italian tanneries when they change their stocked leather skins collection.
Buying from end of production surplus and off-season collections allows the company to supply a wide range of very particular high quality leather skins, from intense colours to metallic, laminated and printed, all at a very convenient price. Bargains, offers and discounts are also always available on selected items.
Furthermore, recycled leather doesn’t need to go through multiple polluting processes to be reintroduced to the market, and as such, can immediately be used again, which makes this natural material much more sustainable than petrol based products. Durability is another fundamental characteristic of leather which further defines its capacity to be sustainable.
The Italian tannery districts are famous not only for being the most developed for style and quality, but also for being a world leader in sustainability. Their commitment to sustainability is proven by the UNIC’s report which, voluntarily released every year, provides a deep and detailed overview of the Italian tanning industry’s products and processes.
Our skins and hides are directly sourced as by-products of the food industry and therefore no animal is killed primarily for the skin, but the skin is made available as a consequence of the primary use.
To know more about the Italian tannery district and its sustainability: http://s.unic.it/5/report-en.html#6-7


The London Leather Workshop provides leather offcuts and bundles of different leather types, colours, thicknesses and finishing.
Our offcuts are leftovers of our genuine Italian leathers.
We usually have a decent quantity of offcuts and bundles, but availability can vary and therefore, if you are interested in larger quantities, please specify it when you contact us.


Our leather offcuts and bundles start from as little as £8 per kg and their price depends on the weight and size of the pieces.
Leather offcuts can be chosen by yourself from our boxes, ensuring you can choose your favourites, pieces range from small to large and thicknesses vary from 0.4mm (suedes and nappas) up to 1.8mm.
Our leather bundles include small, medium and large pieces and usually, each bundle contains leather of the same or similar type. Sometimes a bundle can contain very large pieces, half skins or even whole skins together with smaller pieces.
Leather offcuts can be used for repairs and various craft projects, such as watch straps, luggage tags, wristbands, patchwork, clothing, wallets, bags, keyrings, purses, jewellery, bookmarks, and many more.


We are two designers and makers with experience in leather goods, handbags and garment production and sampling, fashion drawing and illustrating, fashion and accessories design and consultancy, we can also help you with different aspects of your work or project.
To know more about what we can offer, please visit our Our Services page.